Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Unbelievable! We have surpassed our goal.

The silent auction in St. Albert, along with some personal donations has brought as to a new total of $13500! Wow! When we set our goal only a few short weeks ago, we were pretty sure 10k was a realistic goal, but I don't think we ever entertained the idea that we would reach our goal this quickly. If you have not had a chance to donate yet, or you were planning on donating again in the new year, we will continue to keep all the Team Dan accounts open for business. We know that Dan and Bevin have already accrued debts from the last round of treatments and it would be great to help them out with those. It would be wonderful to have enough money for Dan and Bevin to treat themselves to a really nice holiday this upcoming spring or summer (when Dan is feeling better and Bevin has finished her exams). They truly deserve it! While we know that money doesn't cure cancer, we know that the love and good wishes behind the donations will help keep Dan's spirits up when he is suffering through the dark days of treatments. We hope he will feel that there is a whole team behind him, thinking about him everyday and truly wishing we could do more. Personally I am very proud to count myself as a member of Team Dan. This is hands down the most generous and caring team I have ever had the privilege to be on!

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